Marble and Tile and Stone, Oh My!

Dragonfly Coasters by Paperies.comI have been playing around with some alternative stamping surfaces this past week or so. I know I called this site “Paperies,” but sometimes I just itch to break out of that mold, y’know?

So for fun, I picked up some tiles of varying composition and size, and started playing with my various inks, stamps, embossing powders…all the toys that make my job so fun! Here’s a peek at what I came up with:

Tumbled Marble Stone Coasters

Brown and Green Swirl Coasters by Paperies.comI have been reading about this in various message boards for years, and I finally got around to finding the right tiles at the right time. These tiles start out with a distinctly distressed look, so they work well with earthy designs and simple patterns. I find they work very well with stencils, but their surface is too uneven to work all that well with stamps (unless you’re going for a really grungy look).

So far I’ve been using Ancient Page inks on these, and then heat setting in my oven for half an hour. After this, I can dunk them in water and see no bleeding, fading, or ink run-off, making them perfect for use as coasters! It’s also pretty nice how heavy they are – they don’t suction on to the bottom of my glass nearly as well as cork or paper or even glass coasters. Since I don’t have to seal them, they also do nicely at absorbing moderate amounts of condensation from my glasses.

Flower and French Script Coasters by

Travertine Marble Coasters

These also start with 4×4 marble tiles, but they have a considerably smoother surface which makes them much more suitable for stamping. Yet they are still porous enough to absorb the ink, and let it bleed just a little, giving nice artistic effects prior to heat-setting.

Cork Backed marble Coasters by Paperies.comWith these, as well as with the tumbled tiles above, I cover the backs with cork, so that they don’t scratch anyone’s furniture finishes. Instead of the more popular cork or felt “feet,” I decided to give each a rather thorough coating (3.5 inches out of 4), in the hopes that there will never be a tippy coaster when one of the feet comes off!

Fridge Magnets!

Chocoholic Fridge Magnets by Paperies.comWho doesn’t love fridge magnets? I picked up some smaller (2 inch square) tiles in a just-slightly-rough surface that I thought would take stamping ink well, and I wasn’t wrong! However, since they’re ceramic, the ink doesn’t actually sink in, so they always require sealing. Not a problem, though it can sometimes require patience – our winter here has been especially soggy this year! So I just make up a bunch, and then on the next dry day I set them all out and seal them (because spray-on sealers won’t set in damp weather).

Stained Glass Fridge Magnets by Paperies.comThe ones above were made with pigment inks and heat embossing. These to the left use alcohol inks to achieve their stained glass effect, and then I overstamp (and heat emboss) the geometric designs on them. I really had fun with these because I can use a number of different types of ink on them. Since they’ll all get sealed anyway (and fridge magnets rarely see moisture) I was able to play a bit more than with the coasters.

Dry-Erase Boards

Wolf Dry Erase Board by

Now that you’ve seen my handwriting, you know why I STAMP my greeting cards!

Last, but certainly not least, are these 6×8 tiles. A bit of stamping, a whole lot of careful colorizing, a little baking, and a bunch of careful sealing over the images later, we have craftily converted them into little dry-erase boards. I keep one in my kitchen for jotting down what I run out of. While I almost always make my grocery list on my phone, I don’t always have time to grab my phone and type things in while I’m in the middle of cooking. But I can easily grab a marker and jot. Even greasy, food-covered hands are no problem, as I know I can just wipe the tile clean with soapy water if need be.

Rose Cluster Dry Erase Board by Paperies.comAnother nice thing about these is that, unlike the big dry erase boards, which are generally made out of a plastic laminate, these won’t stain over time. The ceramic is perfectly non-porous, so it wipes clean every time…pretty much forever!

So there you have it…my latest and greatest projects that involve stamping on something other than paper. I am slowly working on getting all of these posted to my Etsy Store, but if you see something you’d like to purchase in this post and it isn’t up yet, just drop me a line via my contact page and I’ll make sure you get exactly what you want!

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